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Victor Alto
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As he came into the window, a sound of a crescendo!!

Victor Alto is a youth around seventeen years of age who was born and then raised in Fourside. He lived a normal life, unknowing to the powers he actually had: PSI abilities. Of course, when Giygas began to influence human beings into his bidding, Victor was among the humans with a result, he became an unwilling pawn to the Starmen. Brainwashed, he soon became a part of the Psychic Psychos, using his PSI to start fires. When Ness defeated Giygas, however, Victor reverted to his old ways and returned to a normal life in Fourside.

Personality wise, he keeps calm and steady. Most of the time. Due to his training as a Psychic-Psycho, he has become something of a pyromaniac, desiring to burn things of his own free-will. Victor is also quite intelligent, having pursued many subjects during his highschool career and secretly aspires to go to college one day. Physically, he doesn't rely on much of his own strength..instead, it'd be easier to expect him to use his PSI. More than likely, he will often lie and cut deals to avoid any true violence. He is also somewhat of a coward, as despite the damage he can dish out, he tends to flee when the going gets rougher.

Victor lives by himself in an Apartment within Fourside. He has a small time job as an intern at the museum, despite the fact he is more than willing to quit when something better comes along. But money's got to be made somehow. He also attends school during sessions; his parents travel abroad and often send money home to him.

He often can be found in Fourside, as he often can't think of much else to do.


PK Fire: Alpha - Omega
PK Freeze: Alpha - Beta
PK Thunder Alpha - Gamma
PK Shield: Alpha - Beta
PK Counter: Alpha - Beta
Lifeup: Alpha - Beta
PK Healing: Alpha
PK Brainshock: Alpha - Omega
It was another day in Fourside. A brisk wind cut across the town sending chills down the backs of the passerby people, on their way to work or to shop 'till they drop' as it was said. Except for one youth who stood on a street corner. He was dressed oddly...with a black vest over a gray shirt and a pair of gray pants, he may have been dressed formerly...if not for the purple bandanna around his head and the purple handkerchief around his neck. A pair of sunglasses glimmered as he smiles, revealing a toothpick protruding from his mouth. This youth, around nineteen years old now, was gifted with PSI. His name was simple: Victor Alto.

"Welcome to Fourside." He says. "My name is Victor...and I suppose I've lived here for a long time. That's it really." He shrugs.

In truth, he hadn't so much as scratched the surface.

(( Heyy, it's me! Teddy/Wess. ))

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MotherOC-Leroy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
((You need more RPs on your page. A retired psychic psycho teen? Epic.))

*Leroy walked down the unfamiliar streets of Fourside, stumbling across someone wearing mostly dressy clothes, but there was something off about it*


*Leroy stares in the direction of the person, hoping not to be noticed, but trying to comprehend why one would dress that way*

*he thinks some more, then sighs*

*in a very weak, quiet manner* Uhh... excuse me...
MotherOC-Jay Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
MotherOC-Victor Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
Victor gently nods. "How do you do?"
MotherOC-Jay Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
..OK, I guess..I'm Jay.
MotherOC-Victor Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010
"I'm Victor." The youth responds. "What brings you around Fourside?"
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